La cocina valenciana AR - AR App for a Museum

  • The project consists in the creation of an application of Augmented Reality that facilitates the understanding. The application allows, using Augmented Reality and through the narrative, to know and interact with the architecture, the objects and the characters that make up this piece. The museum is based in Madrid, in Montalban Street, close to Cibeles.

    For an easy understanding of the usability of the application, simple and direct instructions have been created to understand how the application works and how it interacts with the environment.

  • The Icons have been created with soft shapes and are based on the isometric perspective. Regarding the typography, we have used a sans serif typeface that denotates a friendly character , but at the same time, it's institutional as the National Museum of Decorative Arts.

  • The navigation metod is very simple:
    In just two clicks you can access any content of the application

  • The tiles of the kitchen (The kitchen has 1500 tiles), act as augmented reality marks for the application. We have created different animations for each explanation to make the visit to the museum more fun and enjoyable. How were the tiles made? How were the sorbets made? How was the fashion of the 18th Century? This and much more in the app.

     To ensure the universal accessibility and that most people can use it, you have the option to choose subtitles if you want.

  • Download the App on Android | iOS (Coming soon)