The Elephants

  • Elephant-like furniture by Sergey Makhno Architects

    Ukrainian design studio Sergey Makhno Architects created armchairs and sofas 
    with large ears that help to maintain own “comfort zone”.
  • Large “ears” perfectly evoke a sense of comfort – no matter whether you are chilling at home or working in a crowded office.
  • An elephant-like form came unexpectedly.

    Today we often feel that our spaces are invaded. Designers wanted furniture to be more private and autonomous.
  • The “elephants” series includes 3 pieces – a sofa with matching armchairs and lounge chairs.

    All the pieces are constructed from wood upholstered in textile with designer patterns. Due to the materials and curved angles they have domestic calm feel.
  • The sofas and armchairs are from the 80th, right from Andy Warhol’s cocktail party. The prints are taken from the favorite Twiggy’s dresses and the softest New York nights.
  • Delicious colors – delicious touch.
  • The chairs are painted in the colors of Florence ice-cream scoops. We have here pistachio, peach, blueberry, and coconut hues in combination with “melting” textures.
  • “Elephants” is not furniture. 
    It is an isle of the spotlight. It is a place surrounded by music, dancing, flirting and life.
  • We create our products in Ukraine. The award-winning tile, ceramics, furniture, lighting and carpets – every item is a mood, another story we are telling the world. And the “elephants” is a story worth sharing.​​​​​​​
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