IYL - Showcase 2017/2018

  • If You Leave - Showcase
    Through the unification of digital and analogue, online and print, If You Leave features the best in international contemporary photography.

    With the annual IYL Showcase we continue to collaborate with a diverse selection of international co-curators composed of 20 cultural platforms, bringing a fine cut selection of photographers to the public.
  • Co-Curators and Photographers:
    Photographer’s name: Alvin Lau
    Country of Origin: Malaysia
    Co-curator: Jon Feinstein – Co-Founder/Curatorial Director - Humble Arts

    Photographer’s name: Aymeric Riou
    Country of Origin: France
    Co-curator: Simone Corrò - Founder/Editor - Pellicola Magazine

    Photographer’s name: Brigita Ercegovic
    Country of Origin: Croatia
    Co-curator: Pat O’Rourke - Editor - Rental Mag

    Photographer’s name: Daniel Edwards
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Co-curator: Reuben Wu – Editor - Imaginary Magnitude

    Photographer’s name: Emmanuel Rosario
    Country of Origin: United States
    Co-curator: Andrea Kurland - Editor-in- Chief - Huck Magazine

    Photographer’s name: Gustavo Minas
    Country of Origin: Brasil
    Co-curator: Matt Martin – Founder/Curator - The Photocopy Club

    Photographer’s name: Iriann Freemantle
    Country of Origin: Germany and South Africa
    Co-curator: Jack Harris - Co-Founder/Editor - The Heavy Collective

    Photographer’s name: Isa Gelb
    Country of Origin: France
    Co-curator: Andrea Belmont – Co-Founder/Editor - Errr Magazine

    Photographer’s name: Jasmine Deporta
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Co-curator: Shelley Jones – Video Commissioner - Nowness

    Photographer’s name: Kamila K Stanley
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Co-curator: Laurence Von Thomas – Editor/Curator - If You Leave

    Photographer’s name: Lena Pogrebnaya
    Country of Origin: Ukraine
    Co-curator: Ashleigh Kane – Arts and Culture Editor - Dazed

    Photographer’s name: Leonardo Magrelli
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Co-curator: Jeff Hamada – Founder/Editor - Booooooom!

    Photographer’s name: Leon Antonio James
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Co-curator: Joanna Cresswell – Editor-in- Chief - Unseen
    Photographer’s name: Mandy Wu
    Country of Origin: Taiwan
    Co-curator: Team - Reflex camera

    Photographer’s name: Matthew Jeon
    Country of Origin: South Korea
    Co-curator: Lola Paprocka – Founder/Curator - Palm* Studio

    Photographer’s name: Natasja Martens
    Country of Origin: Netherlands
    Co-curator: Noah Waldeck from Subjectively Objective

    Photographer’s name: Tania Franco Klein
    Country of Origin: Mexico
    Co-curator: Tom Page - CEO - Open Doors Gallery

    Photographer’s name: Terry Hurst
    Country of Origin: United States
    Co-curator: Amy Heaton – Social+Content Manager - Polaroid Originals

    Photographer’s name: Uros Maroh
    Country of Origin: Slovenia
    Co-curator: Max Ferguson – Founding Editor - Splash and Grab
    Photographer’s name: Zachary Snellenberger
    Country of Origin: United States
    Co-curator: Mathieu Wothke – Founder/Creative Director - "Somewhere Magazine"
  • Supervisor - Laurence Von Thomas
    Editorial Project - Carla Cabras
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