• Artisan Studio is a team of writers, developers, and designers who help companies grow their business.

    Collaborating with the studio, I helped create illustrations for the services section of their website. We went for a style inspired by Pablo Stanley and Dropbox.

    The first one that I did was Consultancy. I played with different colors to help determine the direction we were going for. We wanted to show that Artisan will always have their clients' back. With this idea in mind, we were able to point out what to highlight in the artworks. So, we went for a monochromatic color palette with pink as the accent color.
  • Final piece for Consultancy.
  • After Consultancy, I was able to create the rest of the pieces with ease because I already have the style and color palette to work on.

    The following illustrations are for User Experience, Copywriting, and Development.
  • Final piece for User Experience.
  • Final piece for Copywriting.
  • Final piece for Development.