PortalCLÍNIC - Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

  • Design consultancy, graphic code, and art direction for the reference website about the illnesses and health issues of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, one of the most important international hospitals. A project build with information based on evidence and developed with the collaboration of over 200 medical professionals and 70 patients from the hospital. This website aims to offer the best validated information to fight common misinformation found nowadays in the Internet while keeping as the main goal healthcare and disease prevention.

  • We have been working on the style guide for two years, focusing on the development of downloadable materials (tips posters, illustration, iconographic system, among others) to customize the experience and to lower the technical language normally used in the medical world, to produce a language that can be understood by any common user.
  • We work the campaign communication for the Portal CLÍNIC launch. A campaign with the same creative direction, but focused onto the product and its main way to promote it: the online portal.
  • + info www.toormix.com
  • Desarrollo web: RunRoom
    Ilustración: RuizStinga
    Iconografía: Gerard Marín, Con-tacto Estudio
    Audiovisual: Mashup