• Whether they are right beside us or worlds away, we always hold our loved ones in our hearts. 
    Love Lost uses interactive poetry to encourage users to reflect and remember. 
    Built with WebGL, users journey through five phases while revealing 
    poetry through dynamic and artful interaction.


    Though I may not see you again. Forever in my heart you remain.
    Every part aches with a memory. Your eyes, your smile, a reverie.
    And so you will always be loved by me eternally.

  • The Process

    The hearts were sculptured by hand in Maya. Normal and ambient occlusion maps
    were exported to achieve the illuminated and high detailed heart renderings in WebGL. 

    Low poly models consisting of 10K vertices of each heart were exported as custom indexed geometry buffers for WebGL so the hearts could morph seamlessly from one to the next.

  • ​​​​


    Creative Director: Adrian Belina 
    Creative Developer: Amélie Rosser
    Lead Designer: Steven Mengin
    Motion Designer: Cyrill Durigon
    Front Developer: Jennie Lee
    Producer: Sula Greene