A Steampunk Adventure
  • Or: one mans two-year adventure to stop smoking. For more than half of my life, I was a smoker. Now, I’m not talking about occasional smoking; I’m talking about the real deal, “more-than-a-pack-a-day” type of smoker. Occasional chain smoker.
    So, I got this bright idea of starting a project, whose progress would walk hand in hand with building up my determination and ability to stop smoking. The deal I made with myself was – finish the project, quit smoking. Sounds good, right? Well, nope.
    Since the faiths of both the project and quitting my unhealthy habit were so closely intertwined, I took my sweet time with the project. Because, deep down, I wanted to - I can keep on smoking throughout the whole process, right?
    ...In the end it took me so long, that I simply…stopped smoking first...
    Finished the project nonetheless - as a non-smoker!
  • The rough idea was to create a parallel-future world, where flying locomotives and mechanical heli-horses populate the sky, where skyscrapers protrude from the clouds & the moon is a huge garbage dump, kept afloat by steam power. Somewhere in that huge steampunk world, a small story begins and ends with the last cigarette on earth. It’s a heist & chase adventure, building up from small to large. And you’re all invited.
  • So, with high hopes it inspires someone to stop looking for excuses to keep on smoking, I dedicate this to you, future non-smoker!

    The razor girl heroine and the steampunk world she inhabits didn’t just appear out of nowhere. With the help of free 3d models, which I got from, and, I was able to carefully nurture, sculpt and create a world for her to live in. So here’s a short breakdown on how that process happened.
  • The Last Cigarette On Earth” was animated, rendered & composited in Blackmagic Fusion.
  • Music used in the Breakdown & Process video:

    A short film by Matic Grgic
    Music & sound design by Echoic Audio
    Color grade by Jure Teržan, Korektif


    Loads of thanks to, & for their free 3d models.
    THANK YOU to Nina Marucelj for all the moral support & crazy amount of patience (two+ years worth).