• VISION 2050
  • How is your home country going to look like in 2050? I had the extreme honor (and a tight deadline to match) of designing and directing an animated presentation on what that answer holds for my own home country, Slovenia. During the three weeks it took us to produce this animation, I learnt a lot - mostly in the field of time management and setting up priorities. Thankfully, the team at the Ministry of Economic Affairs had a lot of faith in me and my teammate, and we used the available time as best we could – by working lighting fast and learning a ton in the process.

    The job market is crashing down in the year 2050, because of all the automation. What’s the solution? Well, if you can’t beat them, build & repair them! Thankfully, that answer came quite naturally to me in the creation process. Do you like the idea of overcoming automation by servicing it and creating even more? The human component still has to do something, right? My job was to design & create the visual interpretation of the client’s VO text and so those kind of questions needed to be answered first.

    My starting point and guideline in each shot was the composition -  relationships in size and position between the characters and the background elements. Once the composition was finalized, I sent it to Jean Zvan, who did the amazing designs and animation for the characters, based on the references and instructions I gave him. While he was bringing the characters to life, I did the final designs for the backgrounds and did the final comp, when I got Jean’s renders. Sounds simple, right?
  • Music used in the breakdown/process video:
    “It’s Your Birthday” by Monk Turner + Fascinoma
    “Bush Week” by Nihilore

    Production: FELINA FILMS
    Direction, Art Direction & Animation: Matic Grgic
    Character Design & Animation: Jean Zvan
    Sound Design: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar