• Hidden Cities

    Remove the negative and discover the brutal charm
    of the European capitals’ suburbia!

    Modernist housing estates erected in the suburbs of European cities after WW2 have been ignored and neglected for decades. Although they are homes to the vast majority of urbanites, many would rather they were invisible. This instant film inspired photo set allows you to unveil some of the most hidden and controversial urbanscapes of the former Eastern Bloc and beyond, such as: Cheryomushki in Moscow, Marzahn in Berlin, Chomiczówka in Warsaw or Thamesmead in London...

    "Hidden Cities" by Zupagrafika are instant film inspired photo boxes including architecture snapshots to unveil and a foreword on post-war modernist estates. Each box contains 8 interactive cards that resemble Polaroid 55 sheet films - peel the negative apart and reveal the hidden cities. Pictures are taken by Zupagrafika (with contributions by Alexander Veryovkin and Peter Chadwick). 

    Negatives are reusable: they can be removed and repositioned repeatedly.

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    Hidden Cities: London goo.gl/NFDU5h 
    Hidden Cities: Moscow goo.gl/aUwAbv
    Hidden Cities: Warsaw goo.gl/AvQqgb 

    Author: Zupagrafika; Publisher: Zupagrafika
    ISBN 9788395057403, 9788395057410, 9788394750350, 9788394936426
    ©Zupagrafika, 2018. All right reserved

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