House Illustration/Dusseldorf

  •                                     HOUSE ILLUSTRATION / DUSSELDORF

    Last year (2017) i had a pleasure to create an illustration/wall drawing for the bedroom wall for one couple in Dusseldorf. It is always a big pleasure and feel of deep gratitude to be able to work with people who give you full freedom and trust to create.
    The challenge was to work in the room that is small, has no real distance and the bed takes about 90% of all room. As well, having full freedom to create, some time seems like a challenge as well, constantly worrying and thinking if people will like it. My principal of work is first to have a conversation with clients, getting to know them, listening what they love, what are their wishes, what music they like to listen, movies to watch, things to do, asking about their favorite colours, forms and so on. And then, after some time i simply start drawing on the wall, not really knowing what will come out. And then, there is this moment: standing in front of white clean wall with the marker in your hand and surrendering to not knowing, allowing and trusting your creativity fully. Start. ......