WROGN_2018 Spring/Summer Campaign _India

  • WROGN _ 2018 Spring/Summer Campaign 

    Having previously worked on the 2017 Autumn/Winter Campaign, we were once again given the opportunity and had the pleasure to work on the 2018 Spring/Summer Campaign with Bangalore based agency Fisheye Creative 
    for another interesting campaign. Wrogn is a mens urban wear brand based in India. As a brand it always stood out for using bold messaging and using Virat Kohli as a brand ambassador to come up with strong themes that resonate with urban youth.

    The job required us to create full CGI backgrounds and work with acclaimed photographer Tarun Khiwal 
    on making sure the composition of CGI and photography comes across as dramatic and cinematic. 
    Client _ WROGN
    Agency _ Fisheye Creative, Bangalore, India
    Photographer _ Tarun Khiwal
    Assistant Photographer _ Nitin Anthony Joseph
    CGI and Post-Production Coordinators _ Krishna Maheshwari & Amar Kakad
    CGI Lead _ Kalpesh Patil
    Modeling & Texturing  _ Samar Sonone, Devesh Arvind Nigam, Kalpesh Patil & Mithun Tailor
    Lighting & Shading _ Kalpesh Patil & Mithun Tailor
    Post Production _ Amar Kakad & Om Solanki

  • Layout 01 _ Campaign Visual _ Stay Cool, Stay Wrogn
  • Layout 01 _ Grey Render _ Stay Cool, Stay Wrogn
  • Layout 02 _ Campaign Visual _ Stay Sharp, Stay Wrogn
  • Layout 02 _ Grey Render _ Stay Sharp, Stay Wrogn
  • Layout 03 _ Campaign Visual _Stay Mad, Stay Wrogn
  • Layout 03 _ Grey Render _ Stay Mad, Stay Wrogn
  • CGI + Post Production Process
  • Client Sketches
  • Base Model Photos
  • Close Up
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