Paint Ethiopia

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    Volunteer Art teaching  and Skate Trip, November 2016  
    (thanks to the generous support from The Australian Embassy and Hope for Children NGO as well as Ethiopia Skate and all the donations received from our friends and family) 
    Photos and video by Geoff Fortune.


    School of St. Yared: - 
    We travelled to the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and hung out with some local kids and did some volunteer art teaching. Through art lessons and time spent with them, we encouraged the kids to think with their imaginations and pursue their dreams. 

    We also collected over 100 pairs of shoes for all the kids at the skatepark and school from generous donations from our friends and family.
  • Recap video
  • St. Yared School video
  • Shoes for the kids at St Yared School and Ethiopia Skate
  • Ethiopia Skate: - 
    The second chapter of our visit brought us to Ethiopia Skate. 

    Formed in 2013 at the Sarbet parking lot in Addis Ababa, the organization works to empower youth in Ethiopia by providing access to skateboard materials and by creating skate spots. 

    In April 2016, it teamed up with Make Life Skate Life and a team of over 60 volunteer skatepark builders and skateboarders from around the world to construct Ethiopia’s first and only free-of-charge public skatepark, Addis Skatepark.

    They were kind enough to let us add a little paint and color to their park.

    Skate Video