Avengers Infinity War

  • Avengers Infinity War (Fan Art)

    10 years of Marvel movie awesomeness. Although I am not a heavy comic book reader I make sure to be updated on all main events that take place in the Marvel universe. 10 years ago when I watched the first Iron man movie for the first time and when it hinted that it will be a series where other heroes will be co-existing in the same universe I knew it will open a lot of possibilities for great Marvel stories.

    As soon as I saw the Avengers Infinity War trailers and other videos I started researching about new costumes and looks via video stills, toy’s, concept art and other publishing material. Once I got a few characters right I started drawing them on Adobe Illustrator and coloured and shaded them on Adobe Photoshop. I had to wait for some characters to appear and still up to now I have no idea how Hawkeye is going to look like. Assuming that he will be taking the mantle of Ronin according to a production photo, I drew him in Ronin’s costume (and hid him). It took me 4 months to complete these characters.

  • Various stages
  • Final result

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