Bolshevik. Premium residential compound

  • Bolshevik.
    Premium residential compound in Moscow

    BOLSHEVIK is a world class complex of business, cultural and residential buildings, which bundled history of two centuries and dynamics of our days. The complex consists of class A business-center, Museum of Russian impressionism and premium residential compound in “loft” style. Here we can feast eyes on peculiar industrial style of confectionery factory “Bolshevik” and avant-garde architecture aesthetics.

  • Keeping in mind high level of residential compound, we took a new look at BOLSHEVIK identity and offered redefined design for print materials in sales office. We rejected from decorative elements and focused on avant-garde layout and a combination of analogue printing techniques to bring ambience of the past century to the kit of brochures.

    Original oldtimer letterpress machine was the tool to implement the idea.

    Silkscreen, offset and digital printing technologies were put together to create contemporary look for the stationary set.

    Authentic Gmund Colors Matt collection paper was chosen for the main cover. Book inners were printed on natural uncoated Mondi Biotop 3 paper.

  • We have created and produced a kit of brochures for a sales office, Concierge service, and promotional booklets.

    We also offered renewals for stationary.

  • Brand main colours became open red and black – the reference to post-revolutionary posters graphic. Coppery-gold tone on black field fleshed graphics out.

    We used display “poster” type, which was inspired with works of Russian constructivist artists of 1920-30th.

  • As a result, we obtained chastity and laconism, which were clear to our target audience, and continued rich familiar image.

  • Creative Director Vitaly Afanasiev​​​​​​​
    Print management & production Hardcore Press
    Case photo Nastya Chamkina