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    Identity // Packaging

    Stipino's homemade products come from a family farm that uses products exclusively from its own cultivation. Homemade natural juices, tomato concentrates, jam, honey and ajvar (a special kind of pepper relish) are produced on a small estate in the heart of Baranja, the most fertile region in the east of Croatia. 

    The logo represents illustrations of a person who independently manufactures and sells homemade products and delivers them to customers, thus ensuring product authenticity and quality. The goal is to connect the producer to the consumer to achieve a stronger emotional connection with the brand and its values.

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    Client // OPG Stipe Dumančić
    Agency // Studio 33
    Design and Art Direction // Leo Vinkovic
    Design // Mario Majkic, Bruno Predrijevac
    Photography // Marija Gasparovic

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