Officially launched more than a year ago, the brewing cooperative on Holt Street in Montreal, Quebec, seems to be doing well. New branding and special brews for their Tribale range, Black IPA, American Brown Ale, Stout (regular and imperial), collaborations (Hoogan and Beaufort, Isle of Garda, ...), Their latest release, the Mandrill, is a fermented hops season with brettanomyces strain and whose design of the can is signed by Patrick Seymour.

  • EYE:
    Beautiful white foam, rather dense, which melts calmly and caps a pastel yellow dress slightly cloudy.

    It smells like yellow lemon and summer fruits with a dominant on juicy pineapple. The whole is accompanied by subtle notes of straw and slightly peppery yeasts. On the nose, the hops season side is really successful.

    The taste buds are instantly submerged by a beautiful fruity wave and, as on the nose, it is the gourmet pineapple that dominates the whole thing. Add to that a little orange-lemon aroma and you get a range of flavors reminiscent of a West Indian punch. Once the exotic fruit salad is over, you can discern a slight bitterness reminiscent of the white grape skin, then the yeasts are gradually imposed and leave beautiful peppery notes on the tongue at the end of the tasting.

    - La tête dans le fût


    Name: Mandrill
    Brewery: Mabrasserie
    Country: Canada
    Province: Quebec
    Type: Season
    Alcohol: 6%