Graphika Manila 2018 Title Sequence

  • This title sequence plays with the concept of taking terrain detail from notable landmarks from the Philippines and fusing them with other natural features found in other parts of the world. It's something I've always imagined to be an idea worth exploring. Our character discovers spheres at each stop, all seemingly having something to do with how the topography is shaped or developed.

    The piece is a figurative nod to the process of exploring and discovering ideas. On a personal level, this project comes at a time where I was craving a huge jolt in creativity. Having documented my recent road trips has expanded my desire to study scale and composition. Most importantly, it reinforced my belief that distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity.



    Directed by - Eugene Gauran
    Art Direction - Sasha Vinogradova and Ed Laag
    Original Score - Pink $ock
    Animation - Kyle Moore

    Thank you