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    Elanveda is a Ayurveda-influenced brand that creates herbal supplements and essential oil blends. 

    Our main goal was to differentiate Elanveda from similar brands and to make its packaging to pop up from the rest. We created a sophisticated and unique editorial and layout design, combined with an earthy color palette to achieve a clean look. We wanted to avoid using conventional packaging, and instead something that immediately caught costumers attention. For the bottles, we chose miron ultra-dark violet glass, besides enhancing the brand aesthetic, it is one of the finest ways to preserve the product inside. The bottles transmit luxury and a sense of technology in alternative medicine. 

    A singular icon was designed, merging the value of Ayurvedic medicine with a feeling of wellbeing and care. It represents openness and the capability of healing with nature. Finally, for the product shots, we created a still life set in which we placed the product. We wanted to truly represent the brand’s core: wellness and their usage of organic, natural ingredients.

    Elanveda, promotes whole body balance and wellness. 

    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Rodrigo Chapa

    More info: press@byfutura.com