Affetti Da onlus

  • Year after year a person hit by Alzehimer loses his capacity to keep focus, memories and make even simple daily plans and programmes.

    memories get blurred, but there’s 
    no glasses to refocus the mind’s shape​​​​​​​

  • But there’s a worst thing, and it’s not related to the biological develop of the illness: year after year, sometimes, people with Alzheimer are abandoned to fight their invisible war alone.
    The logo proposal for Affetti Da starts from this blurred point, where memories and help are faded and faltering, and points to the opposite side, where a new hope for ill people led to a new sharper future.

  • Here stands the research, the psychological help, the medical support, the awareness spreading and the loving care which Affetti Da aims to guarantee and disseminate through all the possible mediums.
  • This project has been awarded as Gold Mention in the contest "Logo against Alzheimer's" by CODE competitions. 

    Jury: Milo Manara, Milton Glaser, Federico Babina, Margherita Urbani, Pietro Corraini, Mario Trimarchi, Roberta Pantieri.

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