CCMM Identity & Catalogue

  • Identity for CC Maasmechelen (BE) — CCMM never really had a fixed identity, it just switched along with the design of the seasonal catalogue. Time for a solid, strong brand. So here it is, featuring a simple and bold lettercombo, resembling matching pieces, young & old, communicating characters. The typographic shape is built on a modular grid, easy to adapt and implement in most circumstances or environments. A couple of main variations were used throughout, while some were to be altered in the design itself.

  • Next step was to implement the new logo and identity in all of the collateral: school brochures, folders, flyers, posters, advertising, and most of all, the annual catalogue — silkscreen-printed on a craft, cardboard stock. The cover is a remix of the abstract works of Belgian designer and painter Karel Maes (1900-1974), who was commemorated in a big overview exhibition that season.

  • Thanks for watching!