• We do everything for our children when they’re born: we care for them, nourish them, and send them to the best schools available to us to give them the tools they need to succeed.

    But these tools are not enough to live in today’s world, which is more complex every day.

    Where do we teach them the things that are beyond the scope of academic activities?

    Alera was conceived to answer this question, focusing on educating girls in the five dimensions of human behavior: intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and social.

    "Alera is a place that aims to educate girls in virtues, to discover and to develop their talents so they reach maturity and become an example for society." – from Alera's webpage.

    We have special affection for Alera. First of all because it is a project that directly influences the creation of a better society. And, secondly, because many people at BANG! have participated in the activities Alera has carried out.
    When we started working with them, they were getting ready to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Since every 10 years they have updated their logo, they wanted us to help them to continue this tradition. They wanted a logo that was timeless, versatile, and easy to use and understand...

    The previous logo consisted of a house and a sun, as if they were drawn to emphasize the type of activities
    Alera offers: manual activities, drawing, painting, among others.
    For its current update, we decided to keep the house to represent home, the family core and the place where personal values are received. It also symbolizes the individual, who is at the center of the values given in Alera.

    In the background we can see the sun, source of light and heat. Ancient cultures interpreted dawn and dusk as if the sun would die every night just to come back to life every morning. This can be translated to man, who every night goes into slumber to get up every morning with renewed strength. Therefore, the sun can also mean stability, consistency, the source of life.
    Adding to the palette of the previous logo, which only used blue, we are now including other bright colors, giving more strength to Alera’s identity and making it more versatile.
    Besides its branding identity, we also created the website, We conducted a photoshoot with our friend, the photographer Rafael Ibáñez. We supported the website development on Parallax technology, which helped us achieve a modern and fun site.