• ZENWATER / 上水

    Art direciton : Yi-Hsuan Li  李宜軒
    Visual design : Yi-Hsuan Li 李宜軒
    Client : Matter Lab
    Date :

    上水, a sparkling water dealer, has its name rooted in Zen. It is devoted to creating a better drinking choice. Its trademark delicately combines the two elements: water and container. The three drops of water link together and form the image of the character 水 (shuǐ,water). From above, the balls quote the words from Mercury (水星,shuǐ xīng) and construct the image of the character 上 (shàng,above or upper). All the elements are placed in the container; along with the container’s smooth curve, together they build concise and soft visual feelings. In addition, the main visual design utilizes interesting geometric figures to emphasize visual impressions, which expands the points, lines, and planes of the trademark. The dots represent the sparkling and playful bubbles; they can freely stand and arrange themselves in every extended design.

    上水有禪靜之意,為氣泡水經銷商,品牌旨意為建構ㄧ個更好的飲水選擇,商標設計微妙的融入了水和容器兩大元素,三滴大小水珠連成了水字圖像,上方ㄧ圓珠引用水星文字 上 字的圖形,所有元素配置於容器中,與容器的圓滑弧線構成了簡練柔美的視覺感受,此外,整體的視覺規劃以有趣的幾何圖形為品牌強調了視覺印象,延續了商標的點線面,圓點象徵著帶有玩味的氣泡,可自由排列於各項延伸設計品中。

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