• Original short film tribute to Imaginary lines. Fatima Yamaha' s album.
    Featured music, in order of appearance: Shuppatsu Love Invaders Citizens
    Based on Fatima Yamaha's music, our project is a tribute to this genius artist who has created a powerful universe for his album « Imaginary Lines ». 

    The video appears like a pop culture object influenced by many movies from the 90's.
    Also, we wanted to write a true story, with a real context : it takes place in a city soiled by the control of a powerful corporation which has created a bad product : the Invader's Burger. 
    Moreover, this is a reflection about education, the consumption patterns of our society, and how the system has the ability to influence not only our choices, but also our behaviours and our minds.
    Produced and Written by Yeazer Directed by Gaël Abbad & Dorian Pisicchio


    Produced and Written by
    Yeazer Directed by Gaël Abbad & Dorian Pisicchio 
    Editing Sound Design by -- DORIAN PISICCHIO
    Vfx Compositing -- GAEL ABBAD  
    Color Grading Costum -- YEAZER
    Make up artist -- Anouk Lemoine
    Teacher voice -- Guillaume
    Wan Dry aka -- the first character JAMES 
    Lisa Berlioz aka -- THE GIRL 
    Laetitia aka -- The girl in the white room  N°42 
    Edwin Contat -- The boy with the red sweat N°43


    We want to thank our team and friends which have participate  and were 
     truly involved in this project. 

  • -- Invader's Poster --

  • -- High School Concept --
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  • -- Hidden Scene --

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