Il Cinemino

  • Il Cinemino
    An Italian noun il Cinema + diminutive suffix -ino literally means Little Cinema.

    Il Cinemino is a 75-seat movie theatre with a bar in Milan. It is a meeting point for all those who love the 7th art and want to meet like-minded people. Il Cinemino offers a program that alternates author films, animations, documentaries, short films, unpublished titles and different events including interviews, presentations and discussions.

    The logo is represented by a perspective inscription to emphasize the diminutive suffix as if it was projected by a light beam.
    Main orange, red and brown pattern is refers to the most iconic carpet ever featured in a film, the carpet from Kubrick’s 1980 film The Shining (Hicks’ Hexagon by David Hicks). Additional geometric patterns aim at supporting the concept of the diversified and open-minded movie club.