ON!Fest REbranding

  • • Hey man, we love your work!
    Wanna rebrand a brand?
     • Sure, what is it ?

    • It's the ON!Fest! One of the biggest 
    gaming festivals in Europe.
    • Game on!
    recommended soundtrack (my baby son's favorites) 
    Mr. Blue Sky (Originally Performed By Electric Light Orchestra)

  • •  Wow, that was quick!
    • Not really ...
    the "..." is me wondering :)

  • I play the "Google card" and didn't make it all perfect.
     ... nobody actually noticed :(

  • • Beware, it's massive!!!
    We have our own designers, they'll finish what you start.
    It's really a lot, can you do it?

    • Humm ... a multiplayer game.
    How about ... a wicked font?

    •  What do you mean?

    • You know ... letters, glyphs, 
    numbers, shapes, stuff like that :)

  • •  Seriously???

    • Hey pink is the new RED ;)

  • • Chimichanga in 7 languages ;)
    Just install & play.

    •  Humm ...
    I'm a bit afraid, when client use the "..."

  • • If you can't be bold ...
    Be HEAVY!
    Some day messengers will have small, medium, large option hopefully. 
    That would be the day - ALL CAPS die :)

  • •  Cool!!! We even like the colours.
    • Well ...

  • So a huge cloud was created / templates, elements, glyphs, shapes, masks, PSD layers & actions.
    Just copy, update or replace layer style.
    For a lot more than just six days ;)
  • A little part of me, wanted to test the designers ...​​​​​​​

  • But the bigger, wanted to get the job done.
    So I lay few suggestions ...

  • Each zone had it's own identity and some glyphs with it.

  • Later my girlfriend met one of the festival designers: - Your $#!t is a ω@W to someone!
    Keep doing, what you do ... that little wicked, crazy, weird thing, that gives you more, than it takes ;)