• VOLTA Studio identity
    As an independent and awarded studio, VOLTA is always trying to improve and evolve in order to best shape the brands of tomorrow.
With a precise focus on Branding, Design and Packaging, the studio recently added Product Design to their areas of work, in order to further complete their design circle.
This led to the release of VOLTA’s new visual identity: a graphic interpretation of their work process, based on the continuity of time and the shaping of its consequences.
    A continuous sequence of processes and actions, where ideas and thoughts are put into words, following a path that will lead to result. And then another. And another. For us, no idea or design is an end in itself: it’s a consequence of our collective knowledge, of previous experiences, failures and successes. And in this continuous sequence, they will also influence and affect future ideas and concepts.
 We study the past to understand the present and design the future.
    Displayed and prepared for any physical or digital format, this identity shows great elasticity and solid graphic coherence. Aesthetically simple and clean, it is the conceptual and visual basis for the “to be shaped" brands.