• Produced in Antica in northern Venice Andi is one of the only pure raspberry liqueurs from Italy. The wild raspberries are cultivated from mountainous regions across the country, due to this unusual farming style the raspberries that are collected range in colour, with some being very pink/red and others taking on more pale tones. The taste is very sweet and is usually used as an addition to cocktails or as a dessert ingredient. Andi is rare as most raspberry liqueurs in Italy are homemade or are produced using raspberry flavouring rather than the fruit. The product is produced in a factory in Antica which has a small production line manned by people instead of machines, making the product essentially hand made. 

    The packaging design is based on the element that the colour of the liqueur can be different in each bottle of Andi. A handcrafted and bespoke gradient was created that incorporates each of the different hues of the liquid. The colour builds organically across the packaging creating a smooth but vibrant gradient effect that feels luxurious and blended, coupled with a thick and brutalist typeface that creates an interesting contrast against the delicate tones used in the gradient. 

    Andi partnered this year with Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.