Visa Olympics Print and Digital advertising 3D Design

  • The agency was briefed to create a graphic solution around the strapline “the heart of the Olympics is always on,” chiming with Visa’s “always on” brand message. We based the campaign around an image of a human heart, going through numerous iterations to create an image alongside 3D artworks that remained true to the Visa brand.

    The renders were created with a mix of photography and 3D renders collaged together to create the hearts which were then used as key visuals to represent visual metaphors of the 'heart of the Olympics' 

    Working with Saatchi and Saatchi, we created the design, art direction and brand guardianship, from pitch stage to the final application of everything from digital banners to 96 sheet print ads and press ads, 48 sheet billboards and the Visa Olympics website. The designs were used across the world in various different European markets and across America.