• Illustration done for a magazine submission. Was pretty fun. The brief was around 'Total Recall, Ghost in the Shell'.
    The initial concept began as just the eyebrows, then a gesture - this idea sort of sat in the back burner for a while until I was aware of this submission, to where I began coming up with heaps of ideas. I always find that my best inspiration ends up coming from an external source. Some little notes: writing generally were just words I thought were painfully obvious (like food, beer, etc.), so for a Japanese person, this would be very stupid looking haha. Robots had a little bit of inspiration from the robots in the Ghost in the Shell series: Standalone Complex; very entertaining, as they all had this bubbly personality, a stark contrast to their environment, also added Batou's eyes on a charater in the left corner. The environment came out from adding contrasting elements to add to the composition; also, something easy to do with the gesture I had created (it had a fish-eye sort of angle, and I'm not great at perspective). I kinda liked the simpleness of the characters in the scene, nothing too 'future obvious', as if this was an extremely near future.

    Featured in: Brut Magazine