Novum Magazine 03/18 – Golden city lights

  • Novum Magazine 03/18

  • Golden city lights.

    „Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.“ – Pablo Picasso

    Nearly 7 years have passed since our last cover we designed for NOVUM. Years spent with adventures, travels to big cities, amazing encounters and special moments. For us, the connection between all of these experiences is like a golden moment: the shine of a city skyline by night, the moment when nature just amazes you with a play of light, the energy an inspiring and intensive conversation conveys. 

    To translate these diverse, lively and often unique experiences into a magazine cover, we needed another encounter: a new printing technique. As always, we pushed the boundaries here to reach a complex play of colour and movement within a printed object. Scodix is what it is called - and it offers the possibility to (100% digitally) transfer foils and varnish to paper. KURZ, famous for hotfoils, developed new materials specifically for this technique. We pushed even further and printed a few layers on top of each other to reach more dimension. The perfect base for this golden moment is a paper by Fedrigoni - Splendorlux Oro, with a golden and shiny surface. Allowing us to play with matt and shiny effects within our design. 
    10 issues - in the subscription and the store circulation - pull out all the stops. VOLLE KANTE in Berlin helped us to add gold-gilded edges to these pieces. If you are one of the lucky ones to find one piece of this very special edition, you are not only a lucky finder, but also a winner of tickets to the Creative Paper Conference, taking place in Munich in autumn 2018.

    Partners in crime:

    Fedrigoni Deutschland
    Leonhard KURZ
    Volle Kante