El Mercat del Born — El Born CCM

  • El Mercat del Born — El Born CCM

    El Born CCM commissioned us to design a book collection about its past, once one of Barcelona’s most important markets. 45 years after its closure, this books (and exhibition) aim to reactivate El Born’s collective memory.

    Both books focus on El Born’s market. The first one, written by Ramon Graus, is about its singular architecture. The second one, by Manel Guàrdia & José Luis Oyón, talks about its memories, influence, workers, etc.

  • The architecture book had more variety of contents, allowing us to focus on different elements, such as illustration, infographics, interviews, etc.

  • Due to its nature, the second book had a more photographic approach. Our main concern was to let the materials shine without losing the connection between the two books.

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