• Utopia, is a luxurious tour operator, located in Dubai – UAE, specialising in bespoke journeys to Greece.

    The logo was inspired by the architectural elements of Cyclades in the Aegean sea, specifically arches and stairs.
    As a frame into the blue of the Aegean, the symbol and the wordmark convey the essence of the Greek islands.

    In this very notion, the brand image was extended into postcards. An artefact in complete conjunction with travelling 
    and vacations. The imagery on these postcards, illustrate aspects of the Greek lifestyle and mindset. From the famous alley cats in the islands, to ancient ruins, straw chairs and barrel organs, these illustrations are not only a reminder
    of someone’s vacation, but an invitation as well.

    Following the concept, the logo was implemented as a post stamp - to amplify the notion of travelling.
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