De Turquoise's Camomila concert poster

  • I had the great chance to design De Turquoise's first Lisbon concert poster, and it's been such a exciting challange!
  • If the music were a color, that of André Júlio Teixeira would be turquoise. De Turquoise is the name of his latest solo project, an attempt to find in music, perhaps, that same harmonic frequency of blue, appeasing, which suggests a ideal place to be. A place always new, comforting and vibrant. A shelter from the emptiness of the world, where the perception of time and space expands without notions, where the thought loses the context and becomes silent, and from where are born driving forces that tell us concrete, abstract stories, beginning with the most infinitely distant point from us, to end up in the most intimate.

    With a background and professional experience in music and theater, André Júlio Teixeira, a multi-instrumentalist musician, searches with De Turquoise to make this solo discovery. Camomila, his latest EP explores the potential of simplicity and elasticity of the guitar and voice, sometimes subtly modeled with effects pedals, but without disregarding the acoustic quality that characterizes them, seeking a rich versatility in sound elements.
  • Don't miss his first concert in Lisbon at Crew Hassan, March the 9th h. 22.
  • Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash