Creative Lab of Lubuski Teather - visual identity

  • Creative Laboratory of Lubuski Theater is a new educational space in Zielona Góra (Poland), whose offer goes well beyond theatrical activities. One of the main features, and at the same time the advantage of this place are: interdisciplinarity and the targeting of workshops and activity proposals - to various age groups. 

    Based on the specificity of the place and it's interdisciplinary character, I create visual identity which can be used and formed in many ways thanks to the use of three sets of "puzzles" - graphic elements. The simple, neutral logo was therefore combined with hand-prepared details, allowing for an individual approach and encouraging the user to interact.
  • Logo concept

    The main assumption while working on the logo was to create a universal and functional mark, and at the same time, indirectly, referring to the existing identification of the theater itself. It was achieved thanks to modifying the "LT" monogram (Creative Laboratory = Laboratorium Twórcze) which in this case symbolizes the openness, interdisciplinary and diversity of directions in which the Creative Laboratory of Lubuski Theater follows.

  • Set no. 1: Modules
    There are five modules in this set. Each shape and each colour represents one particular keyword (feature/discipline). Modules may be used separately or combined together, in case of multidisciplinary projects (for example, dance teather = "move" + "scene").
  • Set no. 2: Photos
    Black and white photos in this series were prepared by Edyta Zatwarnicka, in collaboration with me as an author of visual identity (concept). Each person appears on two different photos (in two different poses) and represents one of four age categories: kids, teens, adults and seniors. Each model is somehow associated with the teather - as a recipient, workshop participant or employee.
  • Modules can be composed with photos in various combinations, depending on the initiative and target group which they represent in particular project:

  • Set no. 3: Hand lettering
    Hand lettering, used for titles, headlines and highlited parts of the text on posters, flyers and other elements of visual promotion, emphasizes the dynamic and creative spirit of represented space. When it's not possible to prepare customized hand made headline, there is a possibility to use some ready, vectorized words from this set.
  • Typography
    Fonts used in visual identity, together with hand lettering, are Open Sans Light and Open Sans SemiBold + Italic versions of both:
  • +
  • Project examples 
    Below you can see the projects which were created for the purposes of the Creative Laboratory promotion, with the use of logo and elements from all 3 sets of visual identity. For this project I designed posters, flyers, stickers/magnets, bookmarks and more.
  • Check also my project "Giant pot for Creative Lab" that was a 2nd part of this work!