The horticultural book of Radicepura Garden Festival

  • Essenza Mediterranea                                                             2017
    The book of Radicepura Garden Festival

    Inhale nature, exhale joy, get soaked in the Mediterranean essence. 
    The book pays homage to the first edition of the Radicepura Garden Festival, the biggest international event on landscape and garden design ever hosted in South Italy.

    This book is more than just a catalogue, in fact it is a conceptual journey through the gardens, which are the very protagonists of the festival, within the landscape of Sicily.

    The entire book captures the six-months long process of Radicepura Garden Festival in a harmonious blend of gardening photos, New Aesthetic style artworks and scientific subjects. Since the start of the event we collected every garden project, sketch, picture and word planning and editing every step of the publishing product.

  • From papers to colors, from artworks to font types, every element contributes to recreating a natural, tactile, 3D experience in a smooth balance between tradition 
    and newness.
    It is not by chance, indeed, that we opted for high quality, recycled papers
     - Oikos, Freelife Kendo and Freelife Mérida - and a blind embossing on the cover.

  • The layout is meant to walk the reader into the contents and to guide him/her at the discovery of gardens and art installations. The first block is for the foreword and some general information about the festival. Each of the three following parts, instead, are introduced by peculiar 3D artworks and shades of green. 
    Color pages and a different kind of paper feature special contents.

    The book houses a map, which is folded in a flap, so that the reader may have a panoramic view of the gardens and their photographic reproduction.

  • Bodoni is one of the fonts mostly used in the Italian publishing tradition. In this context it softens this strikingly new kind of visual communication, which Sicilian audience is not used to yet.

    The 3D artworks display three Greek gods blending with palms and “objects”.
    Again, Venus, Sophocles and Heracles symbolize the tie with the origin of Sicily, whereas some elements from the New Aesthetic movement epitomize a forward way of thinking and acting.

  • It has been a really demanding but fulfilling work. 
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