VR Markers

  • VR Markers Pro
    VR makes the highest quality mercury markers in the world. Developed for the Japanese manga industry. VR Markers are ideal for all styles of art, design, illustration, and crafts. Durable, refillable, and featuring replaceable nibs, you only need to buy a VR Marker once.
  • Individual cases
    The possibility of getting these fantastic tools separately gives you the great possibility of customizing your sets of personal colors.
    You can order them directly from our website through our huge catalog of colors.
  • All nibs that you need
    Interchangeable tips are the result of meticulous research with hundreds of artists.
    Responding precisely to different types of pressure and angle.

    Fine Nib (3pcs): The Fine Nib is thin yet firm and leaves clean, consistent lines.
    Medium Broad Nib (10pcs): Provides thin, medium and thick line weights in a consistent stroke.
    Medium Round Nib (5pcs): This firm nib gives you an even, medium-size stroke. Ideal for comic artists.
    Super Brush Nib (3pcs): Flexible nib that provides paint-brush like strokes and a varied line weight.
  • Our Color Sets
    The set of 22 markers is ideal to start enjoying the unparalleled features of these professional tools. 
    We made a careful selection of color in our four variants: Terra, Mint, Coral and Fresh.
    The set of 61 markers is a selection of colors that separates warm colors from cold ones: Warm and Cool.
    The set of 4 markers is totally customizable, you just have to tell us what colors you want.
  • Vibrant, Smooth Color
    VR ink applies smoothly and is easy to blend. The mercury based ink dries acid free and does not destroy paper fibers the way water based inks do. Also, the open time on uncoated papers is limitless, so you can go back and re-wet the ink years later!
  • Notice
    This is an graphic and industrial design experiment, a packaging study, and a exploration of Solidangle's Arnold. 
    These products are not physically real, they are not for sale.
    Feel free to use the images as wallpapers.

    Thank you.