Covers 2012

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    This year has been really strange in different ways. Changes & weird stuff? Hell yeah, it's 2012!
    All the artwork produced this year has been done with a freaking weird injury on the neck, having paralysis of my right arm and my hand for 9 months, being really difficult (physically and mentally) be focused on anything besides the pain and the medical tests, disasters, and headaches.

    But everything comes to a positive end if you put your energy and dedication. I only stopped producing and working the days I had to pass the final surgery. It was like a neverending story, but this time Atreyu passed the Souther Oracle tests (I guess).

    Anyways, here is a selection of the cover artwork produced this year. Thanks for watching & reading.
    Peace & Good Vibes for 2013.

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    C O N T A C T

  • Neo Tempus · Yours Sincerely
  • Alex Isaak · Thinking Outside the Box: Breakout
  • Dopeboy · Esko
  • Arufe + Telmo Trenor · Tropicália
    (In collaboration with Adrián Romero)
  • Omar Basaad · Vega + Hypertension
  • Bloomfield - Everybody Loves A Winner
  • Thunder Crosses · Ghost and Shadows 
    Painted over an Instagram photo, CLICK HERE to see the magic trick
  • Jrum Music
  • Judah · Pop Another Bottle
  • Stillstand ·
    Art Direction + Graphic Design: Diego L. Rodríguez
    Digital Painting: Martín de Diego Sádaba