Roof / Empire of the Sun - High and Low

  • Roof Studio partnered with Australian electronic music duo Empire of the Sun on the music video for their single, “High and Low.”

    Using a mix of live-action and fantastical CG animation, we visualized the experience of a psychedelic trip, weaving together two worlds: the physical reality of the journeyers and their surreal emotional destination, a fantastical world of which Empire of the Sun’s duo serve as the “emperors.” 

    The gorgeous, surreal visual journey captures the song’s euphoric celebration of the innocence and boldness of youth.
  • Production Company: Roof Studio
    Directors: Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa, Sam Mason
    Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
    Producer: Ryan Mack
    Assistant Producer: Amanda Campbell
    Cinematographer: Sharon Meir
    Camera/Movi Operator: Robert Spaulding
    Drone Operators: Logan Mack, Brad Draifinger, Nathan Trucks
    Wardrobe: Jesse James
    Hair and Makeup Artist: Katie Wedlund
    Storyboard Artist: Stephanie Davidson
    Matte Painting: Fred Palacio
    Design: Vinicius Costa, Fred Palacio, Guto Terni, Sam Mason
    Animation: Lucas Ribeiro, Flavio Mac, Sam Mason, Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa, Fred Palacio
    Lighting/Rendering: Vinicius Valente, Flavio Mac, Daniel P Teixeira, Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni, Sam Mason
    Compositing: Guilherme Ferreirinha, Chris Gereg, Fred Kim, Fred Palacio, Guto Terni, Sam Mason, John Harrison, Marcello Bortolini
    Costa Rica Production Company: Costa Rica Filming Locations
    Costa Rica Local Fixer: Violeta Grancelli, Manu Manohar

    Los Angeles Production Company: In collaboration with BestFriend
    Executive Producer: Zak Thornborough

    Editor: Adam Bazadona @ Cut & Run, Guto Terni @ Roof Studio

    Color: RCO
    Colorist: Seth Ricart
    Executive Producer: Marcus Lansdell

    For further information, please take a look at the complete studio and project page: