Gumroad - Omega Pack

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  • The Omega Digital Painting Pack - 17 Videos
  • A sample timelapse video for the Blacksmith
  • Take a gander at what's included in the Omega Digital Painting Pack.
    You get all the process videos I've uploaded to Gumroad to date!
    You'll get layered .psd files as well!

    Videos included (17):
    Blacksmith process video
    Cat Warrior process video
    Wizard process video
    Link Fan Art process painting
    Cloud Strife bust process painting video
    Fire Glove speedpaint process video
    Cid Highwind Illustration process video
    Wolverine head digital painting process video
    Captain America Pixel Art Process Video
    Spaceman painting process video
    Dr. Doom fan art painting process video
    Daredevil fan art painting process video
    Nightcrawler painting process video
    Cloud Strife Pixel Art process video
    Full of Arrows process painting and .psd
    Children of Morta Fan Art digital painting video
    Cloud Strife process painting and .psd
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