Ser Eficientes . Be Efficient

  • Ser Eficientes

    Graduation project. Faculty of Fine Arts, UNLP.

    From a real proyect created for the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, La Plata National University, which has as objetive to make the population aware of energy resources, from the consumption at home to the planning building industry.

    The Project was pointed to two main targets. Public in general, with material about a rational energy use; and as a second target the architecs and architecture´s students. For this second target, were created particular pieces and an event which will have focus in the efficient construction.

  • Inspirational concept.
  • Inspirational palette color.

  • Relation between the brand and the background.
  • Posters
  • Material addressed mainly to architecture´s students
  • Thematic postcards
  • Guide for an efficient construction
  • Brochures
  • Promotional Event addressed to architecs andarchitecture´s students 
  • Website

  • Promotional Spot

    Graduation Project
    Visual Communication Workshop. 5º B.
    Visual Communication Design - Faculty of Fine Arts, UNLP.

    Project carried out together with Lucas GomezFreige.