Nicotine Gum

  • Rationale.
    Trying to quit smoking is definitely a never-ending struggle for any smoker who is trying to get rid of this habit. Nicotine Gum is the ultimate solution, with three different flavors for each step of the way. Green (Mint flavor) is how you kickstart quitting smoking, Yellow (Banana flavor) is the next step forward while Red (Strawberry) is end point. The three flavors acts together to help quitting smoking.

    Agency : Nabaroski Ad Store  (Cairo-Egypt)
    Brand : Nicotine Gum
    Creative Director : Mohamed Nabarawy / Hany Atef
    Art Director : Mohamed Nabarawy
    Creative Copywriting : Dalia Hosny / Omar Daba / Taher 
    Illustrator : Mohamed Nabarawy

    Video Editing.
    Editing : Karim Nabarawy
    Voice Over : Rasha Mohamed

    Special Thanks To: 
    Medhat Khashaba - Hany Atef - Ahmed Mokhtar - Rania Gad

    Published: January  2018

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