A Monkey Story

  •  - Five o'clock was my favorite time of the day. I never missed “The Adventures of Captain Rick Ape". He was my hero because (unlike other space shows) he was a real astronaut.
    - My grandma is one of my first memories, although sometimes she didn't seem to remember me that much...
    - Foster was my oldest and most faithful friend. We dreamed of piloting a GFSA rocket like Rick Ape did and live his adventures.

  • - Being part of the GFSA was my biggest dream. For Foster too. But he carried a heavier weight on his shoulders. His father, Colonel McGuinness, had been one of the greatest Space Agents. Foster's family, unlike mine, expected great things from him.

  • - One morning, the letter finally arrived. We had been accepted to enter the academy. We were officially cadets of the Global Federation of Space Agents.
    - In June we traveled to the Cape to begin our training. We were 17 new recruits. Until this day I remember their names.

  • It didn't take long to realize reaching our goal wasn't going to be easy.

  • On our 4th year of training Rick Ape died. The academy paid tribute. Always rebellious and brave, he was a great example to be followed and a marvelous scientific. He inspired an entire generation. Thank you Captain Ape.

  • (I made a time lapse while doing this illustration. You can watch the full video on my YouTube channel. 😊🐒🚀)

  • At the end of our studies we continued working for the GFSA. Everyone was pleased with our work and research.

  • Good news arrive slowly. In this case came 2 good news together. The best news I could ever received. The first one: Anna and I were going to be parents. Pure joy!
  • The second great news: Our research project was approved, they would put 4 astronauts in orbit. Everything that we had dreamed and for what we worked so many years was reality. Almost reality...
  • - We started our training, tested and adapted all the equipment, it was fun. It´s one of the most beautiful memories I had with Foster. We were ready for space!
    - Out of the 4 astronauts, only one engineer would be chosen to travel. Foster wanted me to go. I wanted Foster to go. It was a pity that we could't go together.
  • - ...
    - "Foster was my oldest and most faithful friend. We dreamed of piloting a GFSA rocket like Rick Ape did and live his adventures"
    - And I think it's gonna be a long, long time...
  • Space is ours, it will always be ours. Have a good trip, my dear friend.