• Ashtray III. concept is a smaller version of the original Ashtray I. The original square shaped concept would be too expensive for regular production and impractical for transport as just the glass part would weigh over 15 kg.

    Ashtray III. is a more practical approach of the same aesthetics that can house one high-end cigar. The design is mostly suitable for luxury cigar clubs, hotels or well designed homes. 

    Ashtray features hand cut crystal block with a geometric pattern, metal top shaped to the stabilize the cigar delicately and a metal or wooden base. 

    Retail price would be around 1200 - 1500 eur. Should you want to express interest in this object and inquiry about eventual availability, feel free to contact the author. 

    Following renders show the ashtray in a "studio" environment and the next set showcases the product together with my other designs as thematic sets.