The Sky above Szentendre – exhibition design

    Painted Houses – Classic and New Images
    Szentendre Gallery, Hungary
    13 July – 27 August 2017
    Curators: Zsuzsa Iberhalt & Fruzsina Kigyós

    Szentendre was discovered by the painters of the era in 1926. Within a short period of time many artists have settled down here, first the Szentendre Artists’ Colony, then the Association of Painters in Szentendre was founded. The city on the Danube became the city of painters
    Depicting the view of the cities in which artists’ colonies work is an old tradition in art.
    The rooftops of Szentendre became symbols and steering-compasses of the city, connecting classic modern tradition with contemporary endeavours. The exhibition focuses on one of the main topics of the city’s artists: city views, street views and the rooftops as motifs. In the static street views we can discover well-known buildings and silhouettes, as they stand model in a system of compositions.

    Aknay János | Ámos Imre | Anna Margit | Bálint Endre | Balogh László | Bánáti Sverák József | Barcsay Jenő | Bereznai Péter | Boromisza Tibor | Czimra Gyula | Deli Antal | Diener-Dénes Rudolf | efZámbó István | Gálffy Lola | Göllner Miklós | Jeges Ernő | Kmetty János | Korniss Dezső | Modok Mária | Onódi Béla | Szánthó Imre | Szántó Piroska | Vajda Lajos | Vörös Géza
  • Curators: Zsuzsanna Iberhalt & Fruzsina Kigyós
    Art direction: Tímea Andorka & Fruzsina Kigyós
    Graphic design: Tímea Andorka
    Photo: Balázs Deim
    Printing: Plot GL
    Installation: Robin Kecskés, Szilárd Masika
    Restorer: Katalin Lukács