• A collective personal illustrations from time-to-time where I enjoy drawing girls enjoying their solitude, mostly alone... seemingly drifting to their own mind & contemplation. Sometimes it is out of a personal thoughts & reflections, but it could also be completely random. In personal illustrations like this, I tend to experiment with different layouts, character designs & mediums. So each illustration has their own distinctive look & message to it.
  • "Solitude Girl"
  • "A Girl With Hope"
  • "Dancing With The Stars"
  • "Floating"
  • "God Caught Me in My Youth"

    Yes, He caught my life. When He caught me, I started to truly see and therefore, truly live. He gives me a purpose and the strength to fulfill it. Did He not catch me in my youth, I don't know where I'll be... maybe I was still in a free-fall to an endless uncertainty.
  • "Isn't it Better Here?"
  • "The Peculiar Case of A Bored Girl on a Friday Night"
  • "Once Upon a Moon Among The Wildflowers"