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  • I created a whole cast of new characters to join the iconic Louie the Fly - the cartoon antagonist of Mortein, an Australian insect spray company, for a campaign on Facebook.

    I worked on this project from conception through to completion, creating initial sketches of all of the characters and matching the 3D style of Louie from the various advertisements into these illustrations. In addition to creating all of the various characters and that, I put them together for posts, as the narrative unfolded on the Facebook timeline.

    In addition to all of the illustration, I also did some of the design and that. Dope.
    Role:  Illustrator & Designer
    Client:  Mortein
    Agency:  Holler
  • The cast of initial characters.
  • Louie the Fly
  • Mike the Mozzie
  • Phillip the Flea
  • Barry the Blowfly
  • Charlotte the Cockroach
    Below are some of the initial sketches I did of the characters for approval by the client, before I went in and did the final rendered versions.
    Also below are some examples of the Facebook posts that were put up onto the page. Several were uploaded every week, including an eviction post at the end and beginning of every week.
    Finally, I thought it might be nice to show the process of how I illustrated one of the insects. So below you can check how I did Barry the Blowfly from start to finish, and how I acheived the 3D look without actually using bloody 3D... The entire illustration was done in Photoshop.
  • Firstly I did the initial sketch of the character.
  • Then went over the sketch with basic shapes that make up the insect and got the colour palette looking right.
  • Then some layer effects were added to the shapes to start giving the illustration a 3D look.
  • I then added in some texture of the shapes, warping them to match the curves and that.
  • This is where it all starts to come together - adding in all of the shading, giving the illustration some depth.
  • Once the shading is all good, I then went through and added in all of the little details like hair, fur and other bits of shading and texture.
  • To finish the illustration off I'd overlay some gradient maps, curve filters, and added some noise to bring it all together - plus adding in the last few effects and shadows.

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