Hermes Fonseca Personal Brand

  • Hermes Fonseca. Design / Future ®
    Personal Brand

    As the popular saying goes, "father is the one who creates".

    With this, I present to you my son, a brand that from now on will represent me in this
    new trajectory and that carries the initials of a name and surname that I am very proud to possess.
    My creative friends know very well what it's like to create something for yourself.  Even with this
    difficulty and after a long time with that certain fear of using his own name, using the pseudonym
    of Amazing, I decided to change and invest a little more in me. ​​​​​​​

  • I am Brazilian designer, self-taught and specialist branding, with more
    than 10 years of experience, having worked in several areas and attending various
    brands such as Eletrobras, Vivo, Coca-Cola, among others.

    Passionate about design, fashion and photography. I have hobby motor
    racing and digital retouching focused and fashion and beauty.​​​​​​​

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