• Rebranding a company focused 
    on the creation of culture.

    Brand identity for Westbank, Canada's leading luxury residential and mixed-use real estate development company, dedicated to city building and the creation of beautiful buildings.

    We did not look for a logo that behaves like a logo: timeless, hyper-resilient, fixed. We wanted to design a logo that would represent the constant flux of a company that does many different things constantly and that is always ready to embark on something new. Resulting in a logo that is a recognizable, instant symbol of who Westbank is and carrying the elegance, power, iconic value and accessibility of a new type of company: a culture company.

    To bring Westbank's fundamental values to life, we created a symbol for their ethos. It needed to be simple yet striking, creative yet ordered, while being sufficiently flexible to work across a diverse canvas of uses and implementations.

    The "Winged" marque was born.

  • The culmination of the rebrand was peaked at its launch even, the 'Fight For Beauty' exhibition in Toronto, Canada, expressing the evolution of the brand and sharing its journey, offering a glimpse into the brand and encapsulating the architecture, artistry, design, fashion and city-building initiatives that have come to define Westbank's practice.

    "Inside you will see public art projects undertaken with world-class creatives, architecture from architects who are artists in their own right, fashion by some of the greatest designers in recent history, a custom Fazioli piano designed by an architect to respond to the typology of their building. Each of these works demonstrate in a profound way that a craft practised well, is an art form." — Westbank

  • Guests were invited to tear apart the package in order to reach their invitation, illustrating the "fight for beauty" concept.
  • Brand guidelines

  • The Butterfly Book

    Collaborating with the AKQA Tokyo team, we co designed "The Butterfly", a book which is the combination of its two halves: The Butterfly Effect book & The Ingredients book. This piece was created to showcase the background story, the creative process and the floor plans of Westbank's new project: The Butterfly.

    The lines of The Butterfly building were illustrated on the book cover, being embossed on the hard cover and engraved on the acrylic case of the book.

  • Creative Direction: Claudia Cristovão
    Art Direction: João Oliveira / Mirelle Majas
    Design: João Oliveira / Mirelle Majas
    Copywriting: Selda Yurekten
    Project Management: Catherine Steele

    Neon Installation by Tangible Interaction