Contingent Work contract

  • Advantages of the temporary contract

    In times of greater economic instability there is an increase in Contingent Employment contracts. These are contracts for work and service, intended for fixed-term projects; contracts of accumulation of tasks, to manage peaks of work or accumulation of tasks of determined duration; interim contracts (IT substitutions, maternity leave or leave of absence) or pre-selection contracts, for the temporary hiring of a worker during the selection process. Thanks to this type of contract, many Spaniards have managed to reinsert themselves into the labor market.

    Page Personnel, specialized temporary employment agency and direct selection of middle management and qualified support staff, advises candidates and explains the advantages of accepting a temporary contract through a selection consultancy:

    1. Curriculum In the search for a new job after the end of the temporary contract, it is always more positive to be active working than unemployed for a long period of time

    2. Professional experience. The temporary projects are adjusted to the training and experience of the candidate, who can acquire new knowledge and skills that enrich him professionally.

    3. Salary. The selection and temporary work companies adapt their salary offer to the expectations of the candidates, according to their professional experience.

    4. Contract. Working with a temporary contract through a Temporary Work Company, assumes the same contractual conditions as if it were carried out directly in the final company: a work contract is established, a mutual contract, a monthly payroll, the candidates are listed in the social security and are entitled to unemployment benefit at the end of the contract, among other advantages.

    5. Labor advice. Another advantage of the temporary contracts made by a Temporary Work Company is the labor advice at all times by a consultant and the labor experts of the company.

    6. Visibility before the rest of the candidates. Once the project has finished in the client company, before good references, the candidate will be the first on the list for future selection processes.

    7. Work Opportunity. A temporary job can become a permanent position if new options and opportunities arise in the company. Approximately 75% of the temporary hiring of the Page Personnel Firm have options for subsequent incorporation into the company.