part time work

  • Half-day contract: What advantages does it have for the worker?

    The need to reconcile professional life and family life means that some people opt for a part-time contract. On the other hand, the difficulties that still exist to find work have meant that many unemployed workers accept part-time jobs to achieve income. Obviously, the income with a part-time contract will be lower, but you can also enjoy some advantages .
    What to keep in mind before signing

    With the Contingent Employment contract, as with any other work contract , it is necessary to have a series of precautions before signing, such as the ones proposed below:
    What is a part-time contract? The part-time or part-time contract is the one that according to the Statute of the workers is celebrated by a number of hours a day, a week, a month or a year less than the working day of a full-time worker.

    Find information about the company. This you will have to do even before doing an interview, to know the company, know what it is dedicated to and how you can fit into the position offered. The information of the company can be found on the internet on the company's website or on social networks that will be very useful to know the opinion of their customers.

    Carefully read the work contract. This is essential to check if it contains everything you have agreed with the company. Take the time you need and if you have questions ask the company itself or a labor lawyer of your confidence.

    Check the basic elements of the contract part-time: data of the company, your data, type of contract (indefinite, temporary etc.), work day (in this case, half-day), work days (Monday to Friday or that corresponds), salary (and that is specified if it is gross or net), vacations, category, applicable collective agreement, place of work, duration of the contract in the case of temporary contracts and existence or non-trial period.

    Get a copy of the contract. Once you sign the contract, the company will have to give you a copy signed and stamped by them, once registered in the Public Employment Service.